What if the insurance estimate is lower than the Connan estimate? 

We will work directly off of their estimate and supplement any additional damage/parts/labor. We will contact the insurance company on your behalf and handle any issues for you. 
The Insurance company won’t let me take my car to Connan’s, what do I do?

By law you have the right to pick your repair shop. There are many reasons why we are not on their “list” but the main one is that we don’t want to be. We work for YOU! This is OUR business and our main goal is to provide the highest quality repairs we can to your vehicle. 
"Quality is our Trademark"

Frequently Answered Questions

“Quality is our Trademark” 

In an industry where outstanding workmanship is always the priority, we want you to hear what our customers are saying about us. We do not advertise. Customer referrals are the reason for our success.​

I think my car is unsafe to drive, what do I do?

Please don’t drive an unsafe car, call us at 317-873-6530 so that we can provide a tow-in. Contact us with your questions.

“Quality is our Trademark”. Contact Us
“ Quality is our Trademark”
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